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VrmLib.Model: An intermediate container generated from the GLTF array buffer to make handling VRM model data easier. It can access the GLTF hierarchy in the VRM model without index referencing.


VRM-1.0’s reading/writing. Defined by ProtocolBuffer and generate a Json serializer.

Transfer from VRM-1.0 to the intermediate format VrmLib.Model.

  • VRM-1.0 <=> VrmLib.Model


Add package.json to reference the followings (UniVRM-0.55):

  • MToon shader
  • UniUnlit shader
  • VRM-0.X’s serializer


Transfer from VRM-0.X to the intermediate format VrmLib.Model.

  • VRM-0.x => VrmLib.Model


  • VrmLib.Model <=> Unity
  • Transformation between right-handed and left-handed coordinate system
  • Must be run in ScriptThread
  • GLTF-related (Mesh, Texture, Material, GameObject, SkinnedMeshRenderer, etc.)
  • VRM-related (HumanoidAvatar, BlendShapeProxy, LookAt, FirstPerson, etc.)

VRM - humanoid 3d avatar format for VR