Emission and glow

Last modified October 7, 2021 gltf 関連整理 (3d3908af)

This is not an official extension of gltf.

Target shader

  • Standard
  • VRM10/MToon10

Glow of PostEffect in Unity

A post effect that emits light when the Emission value exceeds 1.

It becomes stronger by exceeding 1 to 3 or 4, but this value cannot be stored due to the specifications of glTF.


We created VRMC_materials_hdr_emissiveMultiplier to store a value greater than 1 in the emission. Defines a float value to multiply against EmissiveFactor.

EmissiveFactor = EmissiveFactor * multiplier (value greater than 1).

It can be exported as VRM1 / GLB / GLTF with UniVRM-0.79 or later.

Valid for MToon and PBR materials.

Since there is a sample scene with PostEffect set Please try it.


  • Assets/UniGLTF/Samples/LookDev/ballroom_1k.unity

  • Assets/UniGLTF/Samples/LookDev/lilienstein_1k.unity

  • Assets/UniGLTF/Samples/LookDev/moonless_golf_1k.unity

  • Assets/UniGLTF/Samples/LookDev/spruit_sunrise_1k.unity

  • https://github.com/vrm-c/UniVRM/pull/1123

How to load in Unity app

  • Please load with UniVRM-0.79 or later
  • Set PostEffect for your scene
    • Assets/UniGLTF/Samples/LookDev/RenderingServicePostProcessingProfile.asset There is a sample profile



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