Mesh Utility

Created March 2, 2021 Last modified October 7, 2021 gltf 関連整理 (3d3908af)


Mesh processing tool in Unity platform.
Current available functions: MeshSeparator, MeshIntegrator, StaticMeshIntegrator and BoneMeshEraser.

Example of Usage

Here we show how to use MeshSeparator. The usages for all the functions are roughly the same.
Suppose we want to split meshes contained BlendShape. We first select the GameObject of a model:

Or directly drag and drop the GameObject to the TargetObject field as shown below.
At the top of Unity Editor, click UniGLTF -> MeshUtility -> MeshProcessing Wizard to display Mesh Processing Window:

Click Process to generate the output (GameObject) and export it by VRM0 -> Export UniVRM-0.xx:

The split meshes are also saved in the Assets folder.
In this example, the model’s mesh are split into two parts: face and body:

Face: with BlendShape Body: without BlendShape


Separate meshes contained BlendShape. The BlendShape size can be potentially reduced.


Integrate all the meshes of a (prefab) GameObject. Meshes w/ BlendShape will be grouped into another one.


Integrate all the static meshes of a (prefab) GameObject (Root and its children).


Eliminate meshes associated with the bones in EraseRoot hierarchy.

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