Install UniVRM

Created April 16, 2018 Last modified September 17, 2021 minor updates (41888d36)

Unity Version

  • The recommended version is Unity-2019.4. Other supported Unity versions can be found here.


Get unity package in

The package’s name will look like this: UniVRM-0.XX.X_XXXX.unitypackage

Before Installation

  • Create a new Unity project

  • Go to ProjectSettings - Player - Other Settings - Rendering - ColorSpace and set ColorSpace to Linear (recommended setting)

linear setting

Import unitypackage

Go to Assets - Import Package - Custom Package and select UniVRM-0.XX.X_XXXX.unitypackage.

Three folders: Assets/VRM, Assets/UniGLTF and Assets/VRMShaders will be imported into the Unity project.

Import Unity Package

Check if UniVRM has been imported successfully

If UniVRM import successes, VRM menu will be displayed in the menu bar:

vrm menu

Previous versions:

vrm menu old

If menu does not show up:

  • Open Console: click clear button on the upper-left corner of the Console window to see if any error (message in red) occurs
show console clear console

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