Uninstall UniVRM

Created August 31, 2020 Last modified January 7, 2021 uninstall (70f6278d)

Please delete the folders below:

folder Version Note
Assets/VRM UniVRM-0.XX.0.unitypackage
Assets/UniGLTF v0.63.0 and above UniVRM-0.XX.0.unitypackage
Assets/VRMShaders v0.56.0 and above UniVRM-0.XX.0.unitypackage
Assets/MeshUtility From v0.59.0 to v0.63.0 UniVRM-0.XX.0.unitypackage
folder Version Note
Assets/VRM.Samples UniVRM-samples-0.XX.0.unitypackage
Assets/StreamingAssets/VRM.Samples UniVRM-samples-0.XX.0.unitypackage

If you want to upgrade UniVRM to the latest version in a Unity project, it is recommended to delete all the folders mentioned above since the locations of files/folders may change between different versions.

To remove packages installed by Unity Package Window, please click Remove button at the lower right of the package interface in UPM window.

VRM - humanoid 3d avatar format for VR