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LookAt Bone requires VRMLookAtHead and VRMLookAtBoneApplyer components.

Control the Eye Gaze with bone: VRMLookAtBoneApplyer


Apply the parameters of the calculated eye gaze direction of VRMLookAtHead to EyeBone.


  • yaw, pitch maximum angle => Curve X Range Degree
  • eye bone’s rotation angle when yaw, pitch angle is at maximum => Curve Y Range Degree

Please set up VerticalDown, VerticalUp, HorizontalOuter, HorizontalInner:

  • HorizontalOuter: The movable range of horizontal outward direction
  • HorizontalInner: The movable range of horizontal inward direction
  • VerticalDown: The movable range of vertical downward direction
  • VerticalUp: The movable range of vertical upward direction

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