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GLTF Layer

The information is recorded in gltf’s /materials[].

Only support the following two types:

  • PBR (default)
  • Unlit (KHR_materials_unlit extension)


If the material is one of the shaders in the following list, add KHR_materials_unlit extension.

  • Unlit/Color (Unity default)
  • Unlit/Texture (Unity default)
  • Unlit/Transparent (Unity default)
  • Unlit/Transparent Cutout (Unity default)
  • UniGLTF/UniUnlit (UniVRM)
  • VRM/UnlitTexture (UniVRM)
  • VRM/UnlitTransparent (UniVRM)
  • VRM/UnlitCutout (UniVRM)

VRM Layer

The information is recorded in gltf’s /extensions/VRM/materialProperties[].

Available shaders in VRM Layer:

  • VRM/UnlitTransparentZWrite
  • VRM/MToon

Other shaders will be set as VRM_USE_GLTFSHADER in shaderName.


GLTF Layer

Create Unity material from GLTF’s /materials[]. If KHR_materials_unlit extension is found, the material UniGLTF/UniUnlit is created.


VRM Layer

Create Unity material from GLTF’s /extensions/VRM/materialProperties[]. If shaderName is VRM_USE_GLTFSHADER, use the information recorded in /materials[] and process as GLTF's PBR or Unlit.

Shader Change

The shader may be changed after export/import:

  • if unsupported shaders are imported, they will be changed to Standard. GLTF’s PBR will be set to Standard due to the majority of the properties are compatible
  • if shaders are unlit type, they will be UniGLTF/UniUnlit (this is the normal conversion).


The information is recorded in:


Supported Shaders:

  • VRM/MToon

Currently VRM supported shaders are PBR(Standard), Unlit, MToon.

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