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The majority of material parameters in Unity’s standard shader are compatible with GLTF PBR materials:

Unity StandardGLTF PBR
Albedo Color/materials/pbrMetallicRoughness/baseColorFactor
Albedo Texture/materials/pbrMetallicRoughness/baseColorTexture
Metallic Level/materials/pbrMetallicRoughness/metallicFactor
Smoothness Level1.0f - (/materials/pbrMetallicRoughness/roughnessFactor)
Metallic Texture/materials/pbrMetallicRoughness/metallicRoughnessTexture
Normal Map/materials/normalTexture
Bump scale/materials/normalTexture/scale
Height MapN/A
Occlusion Texture/materials/occlusionTexture
Occlusion Strength/materials/occlusionTexture/strength
Emission Color/materials/emissiveFactor
Emission Texture/materials/emissiveTexture
Detail MaskN/A
Secondary MapsN/A
Rendering Mode/materials/alphaMode

For UniVRM’s material import, the roughnessFactor value is baked into the Metallic Texture. For material export, the smoothness value is baked into the Metallic Texture (discussion).

Since part of the texture specifications between Unity and GLTF are not interchangeable, we use UniVRM’s export/import to convert textures between Unity and GLTF.

Improvement: StandardShader’s Texture Conversion

The processing of textures other than color texture type has been improved.

  • NormalMap’s import/export correction: since this fix is also applied to MToon shader, we put the details in the next section
  • Metallic, Roughness, OcclusionMap conversion:
    • RGBA channel recombination
    • The relative relation between Roughness value and Smoothness value
    • Support sRGB and Linear
    • Convert Texture by Importer, reverse conversion on Texture by Exporter

Correction: NormalMap’s Import/Export

Target for the textures of Standard and MToon. Normal map can be identified by the keyword _BumpMap in the material property.

  • EditorImport: TextureImporterType.NormalMap
  • RuntimeImport: pack normal texture
  • Export: unpack normal texture
  • Support sRGB and Linear
  • Support Tangent


  • The issue of causing glossy reflections:
    • It occurs when the shader type is Standard (Unity standard) and the values of metallic and smooth are high. If you set the material’s shader to Unlit/UniUnlit, the texture can be displayed as it supposes to be.
    • When an unknown shader is selected (not supported by VRM), the shader is defaulted to Standard shader and it may result in glossy reflections. If you set the material’s shader to Unlit/UniUnlit, the texture can be displayed as it supposes to be.

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