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UniGLTF/UniUnlit shader

Unity has Unlit-type shaders:

  • Unlit/Color
  • Unlit/Texture
  • Unlit/Transparent
  • Unlit/Transparent Cutout

In GLTF, unlit is supported by KHR_materials_unlit extension. You can utilize doubleSided, the product of Texture, Color and VertexColor (if any), and color's alpha mode. Given that there is no shader that can handle these features on Unity side, we introduce UniGLTF/UniUnlit, which is fully compatible with all unlit shaders in Unity.

If Unlit-type shaders are re-imported after exporting, the shader will become UniGLTF/UniUnlit.

Below is the summary for Unlit-type shaders’ export/import:

Unlit/Transparent CutoutKHR_materials_unlitUniGLTF/UniUnlit

Note that Only UniGLTF/UniUnlit supports VertexColor. More specifically, VertexColor can be enabled if the following two requirements are fulfilled:

  • Mesh contains VertexColor data
  • Material is identified as Unlit

To disable VertexColor, enabling RemoveVertexColor in export dialog before exporting the VRM model. Otherwise, VertexColor will be applied automatically to the mesh that has Unlit material after importing.

If KHR_materials_unlit is declared, core PBR properties are ignored except baseColor. Color values, alpha coverage and double sided will still apply to unlit materials.


UniUnlitGLTF Unlit
Color Factor/materials/pbrMetallicRoughness/baseColorFactor
Color Texture/materials/pbrMetallicRoughness/baseColorTexture
Rendering Mode/materials/alphaMode
Cull Mode/materials/doubleSided

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