VRMShaders UPM Package

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Last modified September 17, 2020: add humanoid contents (9df360e)

Starting from UniVRM-0.56, the folder structure in UniVRM has been changed. Material-related parts in UniVRM has been moved to Assets/VRMShaders.

UPM Package

VRMShaders can be used as a package to be imported into a Unity Project via Unity Package Manger. Besides that, VRMShaders can be used independently without UniVRM (UniVRM uses VRMShaders). VRMShaders includes UniUnlit and MToon.

// manifest.json 
  "dependencies": {
    "com.vrmc.vrmshaders": "https://github.com/vrm-c/UniVRM.git?path=/Assets/VRMShaders#v0.57.0",

In this example, the version of UniVRM being imported is v0.57.0. The imported version can be changed to different version (e.g. v0.56.0). VRMShaders version number is the same as UniVRM.




In VRMShaders, MToon shader is managed by git submodule:


For the latest update about MToon, please refer to:


Introduction to MToon

VRM - humanoid 3d avatar format for VR