0. Create a Unity project and install UniVRM

Unity download, Unity project creation, UniVRM package import
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Download UniVRM

Download the latest version of UniVRM (UniVRM-0.XX.0_YYYY.unitypackage) in the release page:



Install Unity


Make sure the Unity Version you are going to download is compatible with UniVRM.

Create an empty project in Unity

Launch Unity and create a new project (New -> Create project):

For Unity Hub, click Projects -> New -> 3D template -> CREATE:

Import UniVRM package into the created project

Import the downloaded UniVRM-0.XX.0_YYYY.unitypackage into the current project (Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package). The imported files will be in the folders ../Assets/VRM, ../Assets/UniGLTF and ../Assets/VRMShaders.


To replace UniVRM with a newer version, it is recommended to delete the existing VRM, UniGLTF, VRMShaders and MeshUtility folders (if any) before package import.

Check if UniVRM has been imported successfully

If UniVRM import successes, VRM menu will be displayed in the menu bar:

vrm menu

Previous versions:

vrm menu old


The errors occurred in a Unity project can be shown in the Console window:

show console

Click clear button on the upper-left corner of the Console window and see if any error (message in red) is left in the console. In most of the cases, errors originate from the UniVRM installation failure.

clear console

If no errors were found, we can proceed to the next step: Create VRM from Humanoid 3D Model

UniVRM Manual


VRM - humanoid 3d avatar format for VR