BlendShapeProxy Updates

2020-05-11 17:05:49 +0900 +0900
Last modified August 1, 2020: Follow redirects in vrm_applications (f504c33)

As described in, it is recommended to update as the following order:

  • Humanoid
  • LookAt
  • BlendShape

Integrate with LookAt

To reduce the processing order problem of LookAt and BlendShape, VRMLookAtHead, VRMLookAtBoneApplyer and VRMLookAtBlendShapeApplyer have been integrated into VRMBlendShapeProxy.

BlendShapeClip’s exclude functions

For example, when fun and blink are applied at the same time, there are models whose eyes become weird. To address this issue, a function that can disable blink when applying fun is created. As of vrm1.0, there are three types of exclude functions:

  • ignoreBlink
  • ignoreLookAt
  • ignoreMouth

SetValue and Apply

In UniVRM-0.X there are two systems BlendShapeProxyy.SetValueImmediate and BlendSahpeProxy.SetValue + Apply. In UniVRM-1.X, BlendShapeProxyy.SetValueImmediate has been removed.

To make ignoreBlink, etc. functional, it is necessary to accumulate the rest of the included blendshape values and then process them at once. (Initially it was designed to be stored and applied by the application side)

The timing of using Apply function


Please call Apply explicitly on the user application side.


Apply is called in VRMBlendShapeProxy.Update.

Note that it is better to use VRMBlendShapeProxy.Apply when the necessary blendshape values are set.


Apply is called in VRMBlendShapeProxy.LateUpdate.

When fine controlling is not required.

VRM - humanoid 3d avatar format for VR