Emission and glow

Starting with version v0.99, it supports reading and writing of KHR_materials_emissive_strength .

VRMC_materials_hdr_emissiveMultiplier は、非推奨になりました

The same feature, VRMC_materials_hdr_emissiveMultiplier, has been deprecated.It retains readability, but uses KHR_materials_emissive_strength when exporting, and does not use VRMC_materials_hdr_emissiveMultiplier.

Target shader

  • Standard

  • VRM10/MToon10

Glow of PostEffect in Unity

A post effect that emits light when the Emission value exceeds 1.


It gets stronger by going over 1 to 3 or 4, but the maximum Emission value for glTF is 1.

Divide to 1

エクスポート時に下記の処理をして Emission の 最大値を 1 に修正します。

Vector3 emission;
var max_value = get_max(emission); // r, g, b で最大の値を得る
  emission = emission / max_value;

vrm-0.x can be saved

vrm-0.x can be saved as it has no [0-1] limit.

Supports KHR_materials_emissive_strength

It supports reading and writing from v0.99 to KHR_materials_emissive_strength.


Since UniVRM-0.99, it is valid for MToon / PBR with VRM1 / GLB / GLTF.

VRMC_materials_hdr_emissiveMultiplier (deprecated)


It is no longer needed because it has the same function as KHR_materials_emissive_strength.

Defines a float value to multiply against EmissiveFactor.

EmissiveFactor = EmissiveFactor * multiplier (value greater than 1)

Since UniVRM-0.79, it is valid for MToon / PBR with VRM1 / GLB / GLTF.

Sample scene

There is a sample scene with PostEffect set, so please try it.

Since there is a sample scene with PostEffect set. Please try it.

  • Assets\UniGLTF.Samples\LookDev\ballroom_1k.unity

  • Assets\UniGLTF.Samples\LookDev\lilienstein_1k.unity

  • Assets\UniGLTF.Samples\LookDev\moonless_golf_1k.unity

  • Assets\UniGLTF.Samples\LookDev\spruit_sunrise_1k.unity

  • https://github.com/vrm-c/UniVRM/pull/1123

How to load in Unity app

  • UniVRM-0.99 以降でロードしてください

  • Set PostEffect for your scene

    • Assets/UniGLTF/Samples/LookDev/RenderingServicePostProcessingProfile.asset There is a sample profile