VRM - humanoid 3d avatar format for VR
  •  BlendShapeを操作する(ja)
  • Use BlendShape

    Apply BlendShape from a script

    var proxy=GetComponent<VRMBlendShapeProxy>();
    // Call enum 
    proxy.SetValue(BlendShapePreset.A, 1.0f); // Assign a value between 0 and 1
    // Call string
    proxy.SetValue("A", 1.0f);

    Apply multiple BlendShapes at once

    For example,

    For Blink_L

    • MeshA eye_L=100
    • MeshA eye_R=1

    For Blink_R

    • MeshA eye_L=1
    • MeshA eye_R=100

    If both BlendShapes are defined and enabled as shown below, later only those items set before can be applied.

    proxy.SetValue(BlendShapePreset.Blink_L, 1.0f);
    proxy.SetValue(BlendShapePreset.Blink_R, 1.0f);

    In this case, the following codes are workable:

    // Keep the value and wait for Apply function
    proxy.SetValue(BlendShapePreset.Blink_L, 1.0f, false);
    proxy.SetValue(BlendShapePreset.Blink_R, 1.0f, false);
    // Apply all the BlendShapes at once
    VRM - humanoid 3d avatar format for VR