Create Base VRM Model

The target GameObject can be exported as VRM if the following two conditions are fulfilled:

  • Animator component is attached

  • Animator's HumanoidAvatar is set up


To meet the conditions described above for an imported fbx, set the fbx model as humanoid from Import Settings -> Rig -> Animation Type.After humanoid type is applied, Animator component with HumanoidAvatar will be attached to the fbx’s prefab.

To convert the fbx model to humanoid type successfully:

  • All required bones are included

  • Bones’ parent-child relationships are correct (e.g. hips -> leg -> foot. not the other way around).


  • No restrictions on bone naming.


[Export fbx from Blender compatible with Unity Humanoid] (

Modify FBX in the scene

You can modify fbx’s GameObject by

  • adding children GameObjects to Parent GameObjects

  • disabling GameObjects

May not work:

  • Delete the GameObject in the fbx prefab

  • Move GameObject in fbx prefab (move, rotate, zoom in / out, change parent)

The reason why there is a problem

  • HumanoidAvatar no longer matches the GameObject hierarchy

HumanoidAvatar probably records:

  • Original posture

  • Correspondence between Human Bone (hips etc.) and GameObject

If you want to change the hierarchy structure, please refer to HumanoidComponent, which is described in the next section.

Create HumanoidAvatar manually from GameObject

HumanoidAvatar can be created without using fbx importer.

Check out [Humanoid Component]({{< relref “” >}}) for more details.

If the following types of models are in the scene:

  • Humanoid model in GLTF format

  • Humanoid-like model made by cubes and so on

The HumanoidAvatar can be created as long as each required bone is assigned accordingly based on the object in Hierarchy.Finally, to export the target GameObject as VRM, attach Animator component and assign the created HumanoidAvatar to Avatar field.