LookAt Blendshape requires VRMLookAtHead and VRMLookAtBlendShapeApplyer components. In the default setting, please remove VRMLookAtBoneApplyer and add VRMLookAtBlendShapeApplyer in the VRM model’s Inspector window.

Inspector -> Add Component -> VRMLookAtBlendShapeApplyer.


Control the Eye Gaze with BlendShape: VRMLookAtBlendShapeApplyer


Please set up the following blendshapes:


In the default setting, when the look angle between the target and the model’s head reaches 90 degrees, the BlendShape value is set to 1. Any angle greater than 90 degrees will clamp the BlendShape value to 1. If Curve X Range Degree is set to a lower degree, the pupil will move widely even at a small angle change.

  • yaw, pitch maximum angle => Curve X Range Degree

  • yaw, pitch angle range is mapped to BlendShape [0, 1]. Please set Curve Y Range Degree to 1

Please set up VerticalDown, VerticalUp and Horizontal.

  • VerticalDown

  • VerticalUp

  • Horizontal