UniVRM-0.44 Material

Material-related fixes and additions in UniVRM-0.44.

Introduction of UniGLTF / UniUnlit shader

UniVRM-0.43 was capable of importing / exporting the following Unlit shaders:

  • Unlit/Color
  • Unlit/Texture, VRM/UnlitTexture
  • Unlit/Transparent, VRM/UnlitTransparent
  • Unlit/Transparent Coutout, VRM/UnlitCutout
  • VRM/UnlitTransparentZWrite(not compatible with GLTF)

The following materials that are set with GLTF were not functional:

  • doubleSided
  • the multiplication of color and texture
  • transparent with color
  • vertex color

Hence, we introduced the GLTF-compatible Unlit shader UniGLTF / UnLit:

  • RenderType: Opaque, Cutout, Transparent, TransparentZWrite(VRM extension)
  • CullMode: Off(doubleSided=True), Back(doublueSided=False), Front(VRM extension)
  • VertexColorBlend: None, Multiply

Improvement of texture conversion of Standard shaders

The processing of textures other than Standard shader color has been improved.

  • Normal map correction: Since it is also applied to MToon, we put the details in the next section
  • Metallic, Roughnes, OcclusionMap conversion
    • RGBA channel recombination
    • Inversion of Roughness and Smoothness values
    • sRGB’s and Linear’s correspondence
    • Conversion with Importer, reverse conversion with Exporter

Correction of normal map import / export

The texture of Standard and MToon. Parse material’s property name according to _BumpMap.

  • EditorImport: TextureImporterType.NormalMap
  • RuntimeImport: Normal texture’s Pack
  • Export: Normal texture’s Unpack
  • sRGB’s and Linear’s correspondence
  • Tangent’s correspondence
Last modified October 5, 2018
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