Frequently asked questions

2018-05-09 00:00:00 +0000 UTC

Report errors

Please check the contents in console (Window -> Console).


If an error messages (red) is shown in console, there might be something wrong somewhere:


Please report the errors you got in:

More details provided in the report will be very helpful for us to look into your problem. For example:

  • OS (Windows10 64bit, etc.)
  • Unity version (Unity-5.6.3p1, etc.)
  • UniVRM version (0.40, etc.)

VRMSpringBone set before was gone

VRMSpringBone was attached to the nodesecondaryduring import.


I got errors when loading the built application

Shaders used by UniVRM may not be included in the application.

Please double check:

Edit - Project Settings - Graphics - Shader preloading

The procedure for setting Shader preloading

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