UniVRM installation

Unity Version

UniVRM supports Unity5.6 and later versions.


Download the latest unitypackage (UniVRM-0.XX) from UniVRM/releases and import it into the current project (Assets -> Import Package -> Custom Package). The imported files will be in ../Assets/VRM. To update UniVRM to a newer version, deleting the previously created VRM folder before package import is recommended.

Import UniVRM package

Stop AssetPostProcessor

The importer of UniVRM is implemented withAssetPostprocessor. There may be cases where AssetPostProcessor is inconvenient when including UniVRM in Unity project. We have added a symbol to invalidate this (from v0.39).

SetVRM_STOP_ASSETPOSTPROCESSORinEdit - ProjectSettings - Player—>Other Settings - Scripting Define Symbols.

Stop AssetPostProcessor

Shader option

The shaders provided in UniVRM

Shader preloading setting

There is no need to move shader into Resources folder (VRM/Resources) since v0.36.

Please set up project as follows:

Editor - Project Settings - Graphics - Shader preloading
Last modified April 16, 2018
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