Available shaders in UniVRM

UniVRM-0.44 material


Standard shader

Unity standard.

Unlit type shader


Same as Unit/Texture.


Same as Unit/Coutout.


Same as Unit/Transparent.

It is assumed to be applied to particle things such as smokes, semi-transparent objects without substances (depth value) such as rosy cheeks.


Alpha blending and ZWrite are available. It is assumed to be applied to semi-transparent objects with substances (depth value) such as semi-transparent clothes and hairs.

The ends of the hair are semi-transparent

Toon shader


Details about MToon

The other shaders

If the same shaders exist on the importing side of VRM, they can be used. For external services or applications, please use the standard shaders described above. For self-made applications, feel free to use any shader.

Last modified April 16, 2018