About VRM-1.0

In the 3D avatar file format VRM announced in 2018, it is a standard that fixes problems and errors that are found as the use progresses, and adds functions that are considered to be necessary in the future.

Traditional VRMs will be classified as VRM 0.x and deprecated in the future, and VRM 1.0 will become a formal standard in the future.

VRM 1.0 has been released in September 2022.

Public documentations

VRM-1.0 specification

VRM 1.0 specifications defined using documentation and JSON Schema.


Sample models


VRM Public License Document 1.0

This is a unique vrm license that takes into account the permission for the personality of the avatar.

VRM Public License Document 1.0


Unity’s implementation UniVRM exists as an official implementation.



Supported applications