LookAt Bone requires VRMLookAtHead and VRMLookAtBoneApplyer components.

Control the Eye Gaze with bone: VRMLookAtBoneApplyer



Apply the parameters of the calculated eye gaze direction of VRMLookAtHead to EyeBone.


If you assign a relative angle yaw and pitch directly to the target and to the rotation of the eye bone, the eye moves too much.

  • yaw, pitch maximum angle => Curve X Range Degree

  • eye bone’s rotation angle when yaw, pitch angle is at maximum => Curve Y Range Degree

Please set up VerticalDown, VerticalUp, HorizontalOuter, HorizontalInner:

  • VerticalDown

  • VerticalUp

  • HorizontalOuter

  • HorizontalInner

The landscape is not left or right, but in and out.