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How to make VRM file

We use UniVRM to make VRM files. The workflow of making a VRM file is summarized as follows:

  • Import a 3D model into a Unity project and set up its materials, etc. Make a T-Pose for the model and enable the model normalization, and then export the 3D model as VRM in Unity

  • Import the VRM file into the Unity project and customize settings such as license, spring bone, expression eyelook first-person. To make sure customized settings (e.g. facial expression) are working, check your model in play mode

  • Export the 3D model as VRM again. Setup completed

The environment Setup for UniVRM is in Section 0.The detailed walkthrough is presented in the Section 1 and 2. The last Section is about VRM model testings such as eye movement and expression.


Workflow for making VRM files