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VRM Import

Import VRM file in Editor Mode

1 Create an empty project in Unity




Launch Unity and create a new project (New -> Create project):

2 Import UniVRM package into the created project

To replace UniVRM with a newer version, it is recommended to delete the existing VRM, UniGLTF, VRMShaders and MeshUtility folders (if any) before package import.


3 Import VRM file into Unity

Drag and drop a VRM file (~.vrm) into the Assets folder. The prefab file associated with the VRM file can be automatically generated.


Create a new scene by `File` - `New Scene` or use an existing one, then drag the prefab file to the Hierarchy window. The model can be visualized as shown in the image below:


By clicking the prefab's GameObject in Hierarchy, the VRM model's information will be displayed in the Inspector window. Note that spring bone settings can be found in the GameObject named secondary.