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Unity Version

UniVRM-0.80.0 ~​

We have discontinued support for Unity-2018.4LTS and updated the development version to Unity-2019.4LTS.

Unity VersionNote
Unity-2019.4 LTSCurrent UniVRM development
Unity-2020.4 LTSCurrent version for UniVRM UPM
Unity-2021Please report any issues to github

UniVRM-0.56.0 ~ 0.79.0​

Unity VersionScripting Runtime VersionUPMNote
Unity-2018.3β–³.Net4.X equivalentC#7.3. Probably working. Not confirmed yet
Unity-2018.4 LTSβ—Ž.Net4.X equivalentCurrent UniVRM development
Unity-2019.1β—‹.Net4.X equivalent
Unity-2019.2β—‹-.Net3.5 is removed. There is no need to set Scripting Runtime Version to .Net4.X equivalent
Unity-2019.3β—‹-Support UPM from 2019.3.4f1
Unity-2019.4 LTSβ—Ž-β—‹Current version for UniVRM UPM
Unity-2020β—‹-β—‹Fixed Prefab behaviors, etc. in UniVRM-0.69.0

~ UniVRM-0.55​

  • Support Unity-5.6 and above