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Physically Based Rendering

Standard Shader

UniVRM uses Unity's standard Standard shader instead of creating your own shader for PBR.

Reflects shiny

The Shader type is Standard (Unity standard) and the metallic and smooth values ​​are high.If you set the material shader to Unlit/UniUnlit, the texture can be displayed as it is.

Correspondence table of Metallic, Roughness, Occlusion

ApplicationsglTF materialUnity Standard Shader
RoughnesspbrMetallicRoughness.metallicRoughnessTextureGA_MetallicGlossMap (smoothness = 1 - roughness)
MetallicSmoothOcclusion Combine textures into one


  • import: The metallicRoughnessTexture and occlusionTexture of glTF are combined into one (see the table above).
  • export: Standard _MetallicGlossMap and _OcclusionMap are combined into one (see the table above).

v0.68.0 or earlier

  • import: Convert and import two textures, one for _MetallicGlossMap and one for _OcclusionMap
  • export: Convert two textures from Standard's _MetallicGlossMap and _OcclusionMap and export